Scholarships & Cost of Attendance

UNM offers competitive scholarships for high-achieving students. Our most prestigious scholarship, the International Amigo Scholarship, grants international students (non-immigrant visa holders) the resident, in-state tuitionn rate. This means you will pay what a resident student from New Mexico pays. This is a value of over $15,000 per year!
Students who are awarded the Amigo Scholarship must meet renewal requirements each semester (see details below). 

All undergraduate applicants are automatically considered for these generous scholarships – no additional application paperwork is needed!

Scholarship Name
Grade Eligibility Requirements 
International Amigo Scholarship

3.5 GPA on a US scale in upper secondary/ high school coursework  


3.0 GPA on a US scale AND either an ACT score of 26 OR SAT score of 1240 


2.25 GPA of with at least 30 credits of university-level transferable coursework. 

Leadership Scholarship
(Undergraduate only)

3.0 GPA on a US scale in upper secondary/high school coursework, 

Beca Mexico 

2.5 GPA on a US Scale 

* Open only to citizens of Mexico 

**Students are automatically considered for the highest value scholarship they are eligible for. Scholarships cannot be stacked, in other words, students will only be offered one scholarship and can’t combine aforementioned awards with any other UNM scholarship. 


Application deadline for Scholarship Consideration

Fall Admission: February 15th
Spring Admission: September 15th

For best consideration, all materials such as transcripts and English language scores must be received by the above dates. 

Students may still be considered after the deadline depending on availability 


Eligibility Criteria 

  • Admission to a full-timeundergraduate program (Managed Online Programs are not eligible.) 
  • Non-immigrant visa status (Preference is given to student visa holders- F1 or J1.) 
  • No prior attendance at UNM in the current application degree level. 

Renewal Criteria 

  • The scholarship may be renewed for up to four years for freshman applicants and two years for transfer applicants. 
  • Students must maintain enrollment in 15 new credit hours (no repeated courses) and achieve a minimum 3.0 GPA each semester. 
  • Scholarship will not be renewed if the eligibility requirements are not met. For more information concerning specific renewal requirements, academic policies, and completing a scholarship petition to appeal a scholarship cancellation, please see this page. 
  • Students are responsible for ensuring they understand the requirements to maintain the International Amigo Scholarship. 

Cost of Attendance

The following is the average cost of attendance for the 2020-2021 Semester.  If you are offered admission and receiving either an F-1 or J-1 visa, you will be responsible for showing the full cost of attendance, at one time, for the entire year in order to have your immigration documents issued

Estimated Cost: Full-Time (12 hours+) per year 

Attendance with Amigo Scholarship

Attendance with Leadership Scholarship 

Attendance without scholarship

Tuition & Fees 




Room & board 


Books & Supplies 




Miscellaneous and Health Insurance 







Note: If you would like to take a class or two rather than enroll in a program, you will be considered a non-degree student and will pay non-resident rate.  Information about those rates are located on the Bursar's Office website.