Meet our Student Ambassadors


IA&R ambassador - Seyi

My name is Seyi Bowale Adekoya. I hail from Ijebu, Igbo, Ogun State, Nigeria. I am a young, ambitious graduate student in the chemistry and chemical biology department with concentrations in inorganic and physical chemistry. After graduation, I plan to have some industrial experience and eventually go into academia due to my strong drive for teaching and desire to contribute to the growth of this new generation.

What I love most about UNM is the cultural diversity and the social gatherings organized by the Global Education Office, which create avenues for people of different races and colors to meet.

New Mexico, known as the Land of Enchantment, has different landscapes and features that are pleasing to the eyes. There are no dull moments here, as you can see landmarks at little or no cost. Hiking and rock climbing are very common here. All thanks to International Student Inc., who always provide the opportunity to see lovely places, especially on Saturdays and during the breaks.

Studying abroad can be more challenging than you ever imagined, but you have the skills to navigate it. My candid advice is to create time for yourself, have fun, and relax despite the seemingly challenging atmosphere. Proper planning and timing are the keys. Finally, learn to ask questions when things are not clear.



IA&R ambassador - Amanda

Amanda Gyesi (She/Her) is a master’s student and Graduate Teaching Assistant at the Department of Communication and Journalism, University of New Mexico. She is also an International Ambassador for GEO, where she works together with others as a liaison between aspiring international students and the University’s Global Education Office. Prior to her admission to UNM, Amanda gained her bachelor’s in human resource management at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana.

She is the president of KIVA foundation, a non-profit entity that focuses on reaching out to young people through donations, financial support, and mentorship. Her academic research interest focuses on concepts within Organizational communication and Intercultural communication. In order to achieve her career goals, Amanda hopes to continue with her PhD after her masters degree in Communication Studies.



IA&R ambassador - Eric

My name is Eric Paul Eke, and I’m from Nigeria. I’m a Doctoral student in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. After graduation, I plan to tap into the world of the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries, where I can hone my skills and contribute immensely to the growth and development of the health sector.

For me, UNM is one of the best universities in the US. I love the rich diversity that makes up the university. You don’t feel different in this school. UNM is a home away from home.  Again, they have a very good set of faculty members who are experts in their fields and renowned worldwide.

The food! I love the Mexican Taco. NM is also very hospitable. People are always friendly and ready to help. The diversity of people in the state is top-notch. Another favorite thing about the state is the ABQ balloon festival, the biggest balloon festival in the world.

I would advise prospective international students to come here and get one of the best educations in the world. Be open and ready to meet people. UNM/NM is a lovely place to live!



IA&R ambassador - Andres

Hello everyone! My name is Andres Leonardo Collazos Galindo, I’m from Caracas Venezuela and I’m currently a graduate student doing my master's in manufacturing engineering. After college I would like to work in the semiconductor industry. My favorite thing about UNM is the sense of community it has and the many resources It has for international students. My favorite thing about New Mexico is the outdoors, there’s many activities you can do outside such as camping, hiking, and sightseeing. My advice for prospective international students is to be open to new opportunities and experiences. 



IA&R ambassador - ManasaMy full name is Manasa Lakshminarayana, and I come from Bangalore, India. I am a graduate student majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE). After college, I plan to pursue a career in the IT field. One of my favorite things about UNM is the flexible schedule of classes and the serene duck pond on campus. As for New Mexico, I love exploring Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, the friendly weather, and the affordability of living here. To prospective international students, I would advise collecting as much data as possible about housing, transportation, and academics, and also making an effort to build friendships within the community.



IA&R ambassador - Okeke

Onyedikachi Joshua Okeke is a statistician and geospatial data scientist pursuing his Master's degree in Statistics from the University of New Mexico Albuquerque, where he is focusing on spatial statistics. He previously obtained his Bachelors in Mathematics from Osun State University in Nigeria. With strong interests in data science and analytics, Onyedikachi is currently seeking career opportunities as a data scientist with Boeing after completing his graduate studies. Onyedikachi enjoys mobile games and the New Mexican cuisine.




IA&R ambassador - Emmanual

I’m Emmanuel Quartey, originally from Ghana (city: Accra). I’m a Ph.D. student in the Chemistry and Chemical Biology department here at UNM. I intend to take a post-doc position in the industry or academia. I like watching movies, listening to music, and spending time with friends and family. UNM is the best university in New Mexico. People in UNM are nice and helpful.

Albuquerque is one of the safest cities in New Mexico with a beautiful landscape, rich history, plentiful outdoor recreational activities, and great quality of life.
As an incoming student, be positive, and proactive, and ask for help.



IA&R ambassador - ChangxinMy name is Changxin Su, and my English name is Leo. I hail from Henan, a province in central China. Currently, I am a graduate student pursuing an MBA. Following my college graduation, I intend to explore career opportunities related to international trade, building on my previous experience in Shanghai. One of the aspects I cherish about UNM is the professionalism of the teachers and the multicultural atmosphere on campus. New Mexico, with its serene living environment, smaller population, and consistently pleasant weather featuring blue skies and white clouds, has quickly become a favorite place. Whether in Santa Fe's Old Town or Albuquerque's Old Town, the rich local history and cultural charm are undeniable. To prospective international students, I would advise not to worry about adapting to UNM, as the dedicated teachers will offer support in both academics and daily life. Instead, focus on effective English language acquisition and defining your academic and career goals.



IA&R ambassador - Josephine

My name is Josephine Adesoye Titus. I was born and raised in the northern part of Nigeria, but I am originally from the southwestern region (Osun state). I'm currently pursuing my bachelor's degree in nursing science here at the University of New Mexico. My favorite thing about UNM is how diverse it is! I consider it a privilege to meet people from various parts of the world and share perspectives 🙂I'm still thinking about what to do after college, I'll probably start a nurse residency program, work a little and go to graduate school. One thing I love about New Mexico is the view, the mountains are so beautiful to behold! 

My advice to you as a prospective international student is, take one step at a time, I understand how overwhelming it can be to leave your home country to a place outside your comfort zone but trust me, adaptation occurs and with time, UNM will be home away from home 🙂

Wishing you all the best!



Christine Kanoire


My name is Christine Kanoire from Kampala, Uganda. My duties as an ambassador for the University of New Mexico and my native nation as an international student are clear. The institution frequently organizes events and activities, like the international festival, that I participate in to support and welcome new international students. I treasure this position because it allowed me to educate others about my experiences, culture, and knowledge. My goal is to comprehend my subject of study better.  My degree is in nursing, and I've always wanted to work in a hospital.  Being able to assist patients and interact with them are two reasons why I want to work on a hospital floor; I anticipate having opportunities presented to me in the US.  I've heard that the United States is a place of opportunities, and I'd like to have the chance to live a better life and have a greater chance of success.   I believe that the culture will teach me a lot.  To be able to experience the culture excites me greatly.  I am eager to discover the technologies and procedures used in the United States.  Additionally, I want to discover various cultures and people.  I enjoy making new friends, and I am quite amiable.  Because I enjoy learning about other cultures and individuals, I am also not concerned about fitting in.