Non-Degree Students

Are you interested in taking just a few classes at UNM? You are in the correct place. As long as you are maintaining your non-immigrant visa, you can take a class or two as a non-degree student for academic credit without being admitted to a degree-granting program at UNM. This is a great way to try a subject before applying to a program, to learn some new skills, or just for fun!

Before you apply, review information for Non-Degree Students  

(Please Note: Students in Non-Degree status are not eligible to receive UNM scholarships. For current tuition rates, see The Bursar’s Office.)

Students without a bachelor's degree:Updated Website pictures


You must be either at least 21 years old OR have graduated from a recognized high school at least one year ago.

You may apply up to 30 credit hours in non-degree study to a future UNM undergraduate program. All credits you earn will be recorded on a UNM permanent record (transcript) and may be used when transferring to an undergraduate program if the courses meet the degree requirements. Students without a bachelor’s degree will not be allowed to take graduate (500 level courses or higher) without the permission from the academic program offering the course.

Students with a bachelor's degree:

There is no limit to the number of undergraduate courses taken, and students may enroll in graduate-level courses. Graduate-level credit taken in non-degree status may be applied toward a graduate program – check with your prospective academic department for more details.

Application Process

Review your eligibility for non-degree status as noted above
Complete a Non-Degree Application, including the application fee.(Please allow 5-7 business days for processing.)
Previous transcripts are not required to enroll as a non-degree student. However, you will need to submit them if your UNM courses have any prerequisites.
After your application has been processed, the Office of International Admissions will reach out with instructions to register for classes. You can also meet with an Academic Advisor to help select classes.

Non-Degree FAQ

What is my tuition rate?

International students will be charged non-resident rate per class.  When figuring tuition, you will need to consider the tuition (per hour) as well as student fees.  The Bursar’s Office shows the per cost fee for undergraduate and graduate courses.

What restrictions are there?

The following students are ineligible to enroll as non-degree: 

  • You are currently under suspension from UNM or any other institution. 
  • You have exhausted your eligibility in University College and are not academically eligible to enter a degree-granting college at UNM. 
  • You were previously an undergraduate student at UNM and have not completed an associate's or bachelor's degree. 
  • You have been refused admission to degree-seeking status. 

When can I register?

After your application is processed, allow for 5-7 business days for processing. Once you have been admitted, you will be able to register within 24 hours.  You’ll be provided instructions to begin registration upon admission.